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Rosenberg Kolb have completed a number of notable projects in the following areas

Barocco Church Street, NYC

Blue Note San Francisco, CA and Guam Live performance nightclubs

Club Jekyll and Hyde Sixth Avenue, NYC Five story theme restaurant

Eerie Pubs Jeckyll and Hyde Pub Slaughtered Lamb Jack the Ripper NYC Multiple restaurant renovations

Il Bistro Third Avenue, NYC

Night Gallery Seventh Avenue South, NYC Theme restaurant Coffee Bars & Retail Food

Cafe Metro, Food Merchants 370 Lexington Ave, NYC 237 Park Ave, NYC 41 Madison Ave, NYC 1221 Avenue of Americas, NYC 42 Fifth Avenue, NYC Eighth Avenue, NYC 9 Metrotech Center South, Brooklyn, NY Upscale retail foodservice

Seattle Coffee Roasters NYC Corporate identity and prototype coffee bar design for multiple rollout

ZuZu's Coffee Bar Hartford, CT Corporate identity and prototype coffee/bar design